Little Waldingfield Parish Room

Registered Charity number 304915


The Parish Room was built in 1903 to commemorate the coronation of Edward VI in 1902. Originally called the Parish Reading Room it was built for that very purpose. 

The building was paid for by Miss Hamner of Holbrook Hall (now known as Brookwood Nursing Home) on ’waste’ land belonging to the Almshouse Charity and was initially administered by the trustees of this charity.

The 4 almshouses were sold in 1938 for £130 and converted into a single dwelling now known as Churchside.

On 21st August 1939 the Charity Commission instructed that the Parish Room should be administered by a separate body and so the above charity was formed.

 Our constitution requires there to be a trustee representing  each of the other village organisations - originally the Church, the Parish Council, the Women’s Institute, Youth Club, Cricket Club etc. plus a further 2 co-opted trustees may also be appointed.  A sign of the changing face of village life is that the organisations represented are now only the Church, the Parish Council, the Playing Field Committee, the Friendship Club and the History Society. The appointments as trustees last three years. In addition there are three officers who have to be elected annually. 

Since 2003 a sum in excess of £21,000 has been spent on the maintenance, refurbishing and redecorating of the building and bringing the electrical system right up to date.  This sum has been raised through room lettings, putting on events such as treasure hunts, both on foot and by car, quiz nights, ‘alternative horticultural shows’ and beetle drives – our quiz nights being extremely popular - and with the assistance of grants from various sources.   Where at all possible the work has also been undertaken by trustees and a loyal band of supporters on a voluntary basis, at no cost to the charity.

To hire the Parish Room for an event, please contact Sue Sheppard, the booking secretary on 01787 247980 or click here to email.