The Council

In May 2019, five residents stood at the Parish Council's election for the seven seats to form Little Waldingfield Parish Council for a period of four years. There have been 3 resignations and 4 Councillors co-opted since that date. There is currently1 vacancy.

At the Meeting on 3rd May 2022, Cllr Chris White was re-elected Chair and Cllr Tim Sheppard re-elected Vice-Chair for 2022/23. 

The Councillors, who undertake their duties voluntarily, are supported by the Parish Clerk.

Chris White
07541 133535
Tim Sheppard
07961 410148
Stewart Braybrook
01787 247043
Matt Foster
07779 003635
Robert Wheeler
01787 247335

Tina Impett

01787 248231

Parish Clerk



The position of Parish Clerk is currently vacant and being covered by Cllr Chris White.

All correspondence should be addressed to:

Walnut Lodge, Haymarket, Little Waldingfield, Sudbury CO10 0SY

Email :-



Code of Conduct

In accordance to the Localism Act 2011 ss 26 to 37, Little Waldingfield Parish Council at its meeting on 3rd May Members agreed to adopt the LGA Model Code of Conduct 2020.

  1. You can view copies of the Councillors' Register of Interests on Babergh District Council's web site.

Roles undertaken by Councillors

LWPC Members & Responsibilities 2022-23

Contacting Babergh District and Suffolk County Councillors

Little Waldingfield falls in the Lavenham Ward of Babergh District and has two councillors representing the ward who are Margaret Maybury and Clive Arthey. Philip Faircloth-Mutton is the Suffolk County Councillor representing the Sudbury East and Waldingfield Division which includes Little Waldingfield. Contact details are as follows:

Margaret Maybury
Genesis Corner,
Clay Hall Lane
Acton, Sudbury CO10 0AQ
01787 464358
Clive Arthey
Lindsey Hall,
Lindsey, Ipswich, IP7 6PR
01787 211316
Phillip Faircloth-Mutton
07494 758000