First Ballot Result

All residents of the parish were leafleted with details of four possible community led plans, with a ballot form with five choices attached. Councillors were delighted with the response, with 81 forms being returned from around 160 dwellings - an excellent response. A total of 151 votes were cast, from a population of around 360 resdients, including children, which is also an excellent turnout. The votes in support of the five options were as follows:

  • Village Design Statement: 2 votes
  • Village Plan: 4 votes
  • Parish Plan: 7 votes
  • Neighbourhood Plan: 132 votes, which equates to 87.4% of the votes cast
  • Do Nothing: 6 votes

Your council now has an excellent mandate upon which to proceed with the creation of a Neigbourhood Plan (NP), making use of the volunteers who kindly offered their services. Councillors agreed to undertake this task and will now commence the process with establishing some boring behind the scenes administrative stuff that must first be completed. We hope to kick start the NP process in earnest at our next meeting in January, by which time we will have contacted all volunteers to ensure everyone is on the same page. Councillors are all looking forward to this task, as is our clerk.