Designation of Neighbourhood Area

The Parish Council resolved at its meeting on 26th January 2017 to make an application to designate a neighbourhood area for the purposes of developing a Neighbourhood Plan (NP). The area proposed to Babergh District Council (BDC) is that bounded by the LW Parish Boundary, which is considered appropriate for the following reasons:

  1. Using the existing boundary is logical and readily understandable to villagers.
  2. It conforms to the electoral base that will be consulted later for the NP referendum.

BDC has now received the designation and has commenced formal consultation in relation to the extent of the area selected. Parishioners will soon receive three documents, to be delivered with the next edition of the Box River News (BRN), whilst six copies of all three documents have been posted around the village: on the council noticeboard, on various telegraph poles and in the window of the Parish Room.

The background to the NP process has already been set out on the this website, and future updates on the progress of the NP will also be posted.

For full details of the BDC consultation, please click on the links below:

  • Dedicated BDC website for Little Waldingfield - please click Here
  • BDC Public Notice regarding Area Designation - please click Here
  • BDC Neighbourhood Plan Area Map for Little Waldingfield - please click Here

Little Waldingfield Parish Council                                                                                                           10th February 2017