Police Crime Map

At the July 2016 parish council meeting, councillors reviewed information supplied to your council by the Sudbury Police 'Safer Neighbourhood Team' and resolved as follows:

Councillors reviewed the newsletter being produced by Sudbury SNT as a method of communicating to Parish Councils’, as they no longer have sufficient resources to attend LWPC meetings.  As the crimes being reported were at a summary level for the Sudbury SNT, and no plans to provide a parish breakdown, councillors considered it not fit for purpose.  The councillors were pleased that the National Police website allowed the public to review the monthly statistics for crimes by Post Code but felt that further clarification is needed from the SNT on the classifications used.  The Clerk will liaise with the SNT.

Subsequent to the meeting your chairman approached the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to see what could be done about the current lack of neighbourhood crime information, whose response sadly confirmed that:

In respect of crime data, the Constabulary is no longer in a position to provide specific crime information for every parish in advance of councils meetings.  The crime information that is provided in SNT newsletters will be from across the locality, broken down across each SNT, which covers a number of parishes. 

Your chairman had previously discussed the efficacy of the newsletter with Sudbury SNT, who advised as follows:

It has now been agreed at a senior level that the crime map web link will be included on all future newsletters County wide. This will allow Parish Councils particularly to look more closely at what is happening in their village. As you have already discovered, the greatest issue with crime map is that it collates crime types together, and this can give a disproportionate view of what is happening in your area. The difficulties are exacerbated as the system is not ours – it is the Home Office’s.

Your council have therefore agreed that a link should now be provided to the Police Crime Map, where crime information may be drilled down to a local level by simply zooming in. This may be done for any particular month, and crime trends may therefore be discerned by reviewing such information over a number of months.

Link to Crime Map