Local History

Little Waldingfield History Society 

Purposes of the Society

Per our constitution, the Society was established with the following purposes:

To maintain records of local historical events, including records, maps, photos and other similar, as appropriate, and to provide a basis for future local history events, historical research, education and for use as a reference by villagers and others.

The most visible aspect of the above is our regular series of talks / presentations on historical topics the Trustees believe will be of interest to both members and non members, which we believe are interesting, entertaining and exceptional value for money. We also put on outings for members in between each years series of monthly talks. Please refer to our separate History Society pages for details of our forthcoming programme of events and summary reviews of all our previous events, which gratifyingly have been exceedingly well received by our members.

History Society Associations

LWHS is a member of the Suffolk Local History Council, who act as a focal point for local history societies in Suffolk, maintain a list of speakers and run events.

All of our non-village sourced speakers came from their speaker list, whilst two trustees attended their recent “Societies Day” event, which was found to be of interest and of use.

All Our Stories Project

We were delighted to receive an HLF grant to research the history of Little Waldingfield and to conduct a number of oral interviews with our longer standing residents, which is proceeding nicely as this message is typed. We hope ultimately to record our findings in an updated history of the village from the early 1800's to date - please see our blog for more regular updates - littlewaldingfieldhistorysociety.wordpress.com

To facilitate our research, we have borrowed all of historical village records from our Local History Recorder - see below. We would also be delighted to borrow any documents, photos, artefacts or other records pertaining to the village or its residents from times gone by from readers of this website, which we would then scan, copy, photograph or summarise for possible inclusion in our book - which will be a follow-up to Harry Clive's "Beyond Living memory".

Although this project has now very successfully completed, book sales are generating more research material, which is wonderful. If any reader has any connection with the village, however tenuous or remote, and they have any material of possible relevance, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact the Little Waldingfield History Recorder - see link below.

Little Waldingfield Local History Recorder

My name is Sue Sheppard and I am pleased to have taken on the role as History Recorder for the Parish of Little Waldingfield on behalf of Little Waldingfield History Society, of which I am a founder member, trusteee and treasurer. 

The History Recorders’ Scheme was started 50 years ago by the Suffolk Local History Council, of which the LWHS is a member, and it was their aim to have someone in each Parish to obtain and systematically record relevant historical evidence, ensuring such material was available for posterity, including particularly “The Present”, which otherwise can easily be overlooked.

To enable us to maintain such records, we would be delighted to receive information from Little Waldingfield residents of any of the following:

  • Local events;
  • Substantial building works;
  • Demolition of old buildings;
  • Local finds of historical artefacts;
  • Old or interesting photographs or maps for us to copy and return;
  • Old diaries / books covering the local area for us to review / scan as appropriate;
  • Old local newspapers or magazines with articles on the village or residents, either for donation to the village archive or for copying;
    • Memories of times gone by that you are happy to share with others, for example: The village pub(s) and their events (eg: Darts and outings);
    • The village shop / post office;
    • Other village events (eg: anniversaries, celebrations, outings etc);
    • Village sporting societies (cricket, football etc) and events;
    • The village forge;
    • The village pump and pond(s);
    • Day to day life before the advent of electricity, running water, mains sewers, ready access to cars etc;

I would be delighted to hear from you, and you may contact me by:

  • Phone on 01787 247980;
  • In person or by mail at the School House, Church Road, Little Waldingfield CO10 0SP;
  • Clicking on the webmasters email link; or
  • Posting a comment on the Society's blog. Click Link