First Public Meeting

Notes on meeting with residents on Saturday 24th September 2016 at Parish Room

Present:           Andy Sheppard, Tim Sheppard and 60+ residents of Little Waldingfield.


Andy Sheppard opened the meeting by giving the background on why Little Waldingfield Parish Council (LWPC) had decided to hold a meeting in order to engage with residents over the issue of Community Led Plans (CLP).

Tim Sheppard then gave a presentation (attached) of the options that the residents had in trying to influence development in the parish.  Before answering questions, he reiterated that the purpose of the meeting was for residents to understand the options available and to then take part in a ballot of the parish to see what CLP option the majority of residents wished to support.

Residents asked a number of questions including the following:

  • The time taken to develop a Neighbourhood Plan (NP)
  • Cost of producing a NP
  • Can the level of affordable housing be included in a NP
  • Can residents be prioritised for affordable housing via a NP
  • Total number of new dwellings earmarked for Little Waldingfield in Babergh’s Local Plan 2011 - 2031
  • Babergh’s commitment to adopted NP’s
  • The status of an evolving NP in relation to planning applications received during the process
  • Sustainability of proposed developments in Little Waldingfield
  • Could CIL money be used to improve drainage and other infrastructure issues in the village
  • Roles / experience required of steering committee members should the residents agree to producing a NP.

A straw poll of residents at the meeting showed a very strong majority for LWPC to develop a NP.

Andy Sheppard said that the ballot of residents to let LWPC know which of the four CLP options they wanted to be supported would be agreed at the next LWPC with the ballot taking place ahead of Christmas.

Residents were thanked for attending and were asked to talk to their neighbours, who were unable to attend, on the issues raised at the meeting.  It was stressed that this was just the start of the ongoing engagement with Little Waldingfield residents on the subject of CLP.