Neighbourhood Plan Drop-in Event – On the Playing Field by the Pavilion

Wednesday 8 July 2020 6.30-7.30 pm


Attended by Tim Sheppard (Chair); Jennie Jordan; Chris White; Richard Furlonger; Barbara Campbell and Ian Poole (Places for People) on behalf of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.


4 residents attended. It appeared that the executive summary document did aid understanding of the content of the draft Neighbourhood Plan (‘NP’). Questions were asked about housing numbers and the lack of infrastructure and services in Little Waldingfield. It was confirmed that the draft NP proposes 10 additional homes over the lifetime of the NP to 2036, rather than the 16 proposed by Babergh DC due to the lack of infrastructure and services in the Village. Many of the 10 new homes would be made up from residential development that has already been granted planning permission in the Village.

In addition, it was confirmed that the proposal to designate Church Field as Local Green Space would make it more difficult to develop the area and reflected the views of residents that it was an area that Villagers did not want to be developed for housing. The NP also provides further protection from development for the Playing Field. Positive feedback was given about the fact the NP did reflect the content of the consultation discussions that have taken place while it was being prepared and the amount of work that had gone into making it.


Little Waldingfield NP Steering Committee, 9 July 2020.