Little Waldingfield Charities


The following is a brief résumé of the purpose and history of the John Wincoll and others charity. The Charity name and number is John Wincoll – 209981. It is made up of four charities:

  1. John Wincoll 1580
  2. Mary Williamson 1697
  3. Joshua Dove 1728                                                 
  4. Almshouse Fund 1968

The scheme is administered by three trustees, one of which must be the current incumbent.   It was first set up on 5th February 1869 but has been modified several times and the latest scheme is dated 16th July 1968.

The trustees are:

  1. Terry Western (Chairman)
  2. Revd. Judith Sweetman         
  3. Richard Mitchell        

The Clerk to the Charity is Sue Mitchell

The Scheme

The Constitution states that the income of the Trust should be applied in relieving “conditions of need, hardship or distress” to residents of the Parish.


The income of the Charity comes from rent charged on parcels of land in the Parish, as delineated in a map dated 1827, and the interest from investments.   It is this income that is available to make our charitable payments.

In the past some landlocked fields accessible only by the sitting tenant have been sold and the money invested, as instructed by the Charity Commission.

Distribution of Funds

Some payments are made in accordance with the above conditions but the Christmas Gifts to the needy has been replaced by payments to those over 65 who are retired and have lived in the village for over 1 year and wish to apply for this benefit.    

The accounts of 1939 show that when there were “poor” families in the village that payments were made of 2/6 per person and 1/6 per child.

Should you wish to receive the Christmas Gift or have a need for help within the terms of the Scheme please contact the Clerk. All applications will be treated in absolute confidence.