Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch can help reduce crime by telling the police promptly about anything suspicious so that action can be taken to prevent a crime or detect an offender. Members can also get advice and guidance on how to reduce their vulnerability to crime.

Joining Neighbourhood watch could save you money.

Virtually all home insurance providers ask if the policy holder is a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. However, at the time of writing, not all provide a significant discount for members. But many do!

A 2006 report which measured the effectiveness of the Neighbourhood Watch schemes concluded that in 79% of cases there was a noticeable reduction in crime in that area. This was revisited in May 2009 by Hertfordshire Constabulary, who verified the findings and concluded that the case of schemes’ impact on crime reduction was proven. (quote from

So even if you don't get an automatic discount from being a member of the Neighbourhood Watch, it appears that areas which have an active scheme are very likely to suffer less crime. As such, home insurance providers are also very likely to take this into account when determining your risk-based premum.

Street coordinators:

The street             Vacant

Croft Lea               Dave and Ali Alcock

Wade Crescent      Dave Beck

Church Road         Richard Mitchell

Grove Avenue       Phil Hart

Little Waldingfield is in need of a new co-ordinator for our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. We have representatives for most areas of the village, but need someone to be the initial point of contact for alerts and newsletters etc. Access to the internet and an email address is essential, as most contact is by this means.

If you are interested is helping with this vital village role, please contact either Brian Tora on 247783, Mary on 247658, or any Parish Councillor (names and phone numbers are detailed on the PC section of this website).

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Guide


Please can you share this with anyone who you think would be interested.


J Fudge   PCSO 3226   October 14th 2014

Press Release:

Suffolk Neighbour Hood Watch Revitalised

Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association (SNWA) is seeking to revitalise NW schemes in Suffolk. A new SNWA committee has been established and wishes to provide the 1,300 schemes that exist in Suffolk with a service and advice that ensure the NW concept is expanded and makes for a safer society.

On Saturday 1st November SNWA is holding an event at Police Headquarters Martlesham under the banner ‘Improving Neighbourhood Watch in Suffolk’. This event is open to all existing members, coordinators and those wishing to start their own scheme.

SNWA Chairman Gary Gascoyne says “These are exciting times for NW schemes and those seeking to start their own. Suffolk like all police forces is undergoing deep cuts in budgets but is committed to maintaining and promoting our NW schemes as we all realise we have a part to play in keeping our county safe and low in crime. Come along and hear how we are launching a revitalised association and learn how progressive schemes operate sucessfully.”

A new website has been launched and gives details of the November event and registration

For Further information contact:

Gary Gascoyne, Chairman, Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association

07595 343231

Tony Allen, Publicity Officer, Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association

07838 872450

Good Neighbours Cut Crime