Little Waldingfield, is, in partnership with Great Waldingfield, Acton, Chilton and Newton a member of a Community Speedwatch Scheme.  The aim of the Scheme is to reduce the problem of motorists speeding through our villages, it is NOT to catch as many speeding drivers as possible.

Speed checks are conducted by at least two volunteers, preferably three, at locations chosen by the Scheme, with risk assessments having been performed by a trained police officer and the sites approved as safe.

Training for volunteers includes use of the equipment and health & safety issues.  Volunteers are covered by the Police Authority insurance.

To enable us to make full use of the equipment on the days it is available to Little Waldingfield, we urgently need some more volunteers to join the Scheme.  Volunteers are subject to police vetting checks, and will need to be available about once a month for a few hours.

Want to know more??

Contact any member of the Parish Council, details on the home page.