20th  September

Jenny Antill

Inconvenient Truths: reconciling fact & fiction when writing a historical novel.

St Petersburg 1825, Imperial Russia basks in the glory of victory over Napoleon, but resentment in the army & elsewhere is growing against serfdom & autocracy.

18th  October

Martin Roper

The De Veres of Castle Hedingham

A remarkable dynasty figuring large in the story of England from 1066 until the C17th; as Earls of Oxford they were the longest continuous succession in our history. Illustrated with family trees, maps and site photos relevant to the saga.

15th November

Ashley Cooper

Scott’s Polar Expedition of 1910 - 1912.

Captain Lawrence Oates hailed from Gestingthorpe from the age of 11, and this talk is about the ultimately tragic expedition and Oates’s heroic role in it.

13th December

Charles Garland

Dad’s Army

Actor, musician, producer, director and author, Charles will share first-hand tales and inside stories from this classic TV sitcom - not to be missed.



Roger Green

The first Friar Street schism 1765-1785

The fascinating story of the disastrous split in the congregation of the ‘Great Meeting’, leading to the rise of bucolic poet/hymn writer Daniel Herbert.

14th February

Andy Read

Setting Tongues Wagging

The story of the life, death & inquest of Andy’s great uncle Willie Read, 1883-1897, who drowned in the River Stour, & an annual Sudbury event throughout this time. 

13th  March

Adrian Tindall

An Extraordinary Man

The life and times of Walter Guinness, Lord Moyne of Bury St Edmund.

17th April

Terry Donoghue

Dissent, Riot and Rebellion

Enjoy stories from the 1100s, when Bury Abbey ruled every aspect of lives, and onwards through the turbulent events of the next 7 centuries. Hear its volatile history and how that was expressed - tragic and violent tales mixed with the just plain comical, all played out on streets and buildings recognisable today.

15th May

Robyn Lloyd Hughes

A Voyage through Rural Suffolk 

A history of inland water transport in East Anglia

 19th June

Ian McLachlan

Flappers and Fliers Ladies from the air

Ian will look at many of the strange and adventurous things that pilots did in the 1920s, either to earn a living, help aircraft development, or just for the hell of it. One woman really liked doing loop the loops in one go, eventually reaching 99!