DRAFT/Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee (Virtual) Meeting: 7 May 2020



Present: Tim Sheppard Chair (TS), Jennie Jordan (JJ), Chris White (CW), Ian Poole (IP), Richard Furlonger (RF), Barbara Campbell (BC).


  1. The report of the Examiner into the Drinkstone Neighbourhood Plan has been reviewed and in order to achieve consistency in the content of Neighbourhood Plan policies across the District, minor amendments to a few of the Little Waldingfield Neighbourhood Plan (‘NP’) policies were proposed and agreed by the whole Committee. The amendments will be put before the Parish Council at its next meeting on 14 May 2020.


  1. Babergh DC has looked into the draft NP and has confirmed that the need for further work has been screened out. That is to say there is no need to carry out an environmental impact assessment into the NP.


  1. It was agreed that the consultation process with Parishioners and local businesses should commence asap, respecting the social distancing rules, subject to the PC confirming the minor policy amendments. Full copies of the draft NP will be hand-delivered to local residents where possible and/or posted where necessary. A list of residential and business addresses is available from Parish Online, which indicates there are some 200 addresses to be contacted. Responses can be made online, or manually, in accordance with the covering instructions and completed response forms can be left in a box to be positioned outside BC’s house in Church Road.


Printing costs for copies of the draft NP and the response forms, along with the cost of envelops/stamps, will be circa £500, plus VAT. With the funds saved through the cancellation of the consultation drop-in event, there will be enough money to pay for the agreed consultation process. The documents will be finalised and sent to the printers following the next PC meeting.


  1. The next NP Committee meeting will take place on 19 May 2020, at 5.30pm, virtually.




12 May 2020.