NP Meeting, 24th May 2018

Attendees:  Barbara Campbell (BC); Richard Furlonger (RF); Jennie Jordan (JJ); via telephone Tim Sheppard (TS) .

Apologies:  Chris White (CW).


TS spoke to AECOM regarding eligibility for Site Assessment, Housing Needs Assessment and Environmental Impact Report. Has heard no more up to date but initial response was positive.

JJ has submitted application for further funding. Should hear within 15 working days from receipt of all application documents (Early June).

Character Assessment

Details have been sent to Ian Poole (IP). The report is developing. A couple of issues have emerged.

Green spaces/trees IP questioning about identification of green spaces and trees that are valued. TS queried whether we should go back and revisit the six original areas. Consider the whole village including footpaths. Would be very detailed and time consuming. Decided to go back to IP and suggest Paul Sergeant (PS) takes photographs and these be used to highlight green spaces/trees and hedgerows.


Agreed we will need a great many. JJ has yet to talk to PS.


Some questions regarding the upcoming workshop have arisen. Can IP produce display material in time for 9th June? Is PS available? Need to contact him sooner rather than later. Can we analyse photographs?  

IP due to report back on Character Assessment by 25th and thinks the workshop is still achievable. TS will liaise with him and decide whether to run it as planned.

JJ willcontact PS to find out how he is fixed to take photographs, prior to 9th June. Suggest he focuses on most important views.

Workshop will focus on Landscape Character Appraisal and Vision for village.

House to house drop to publicise workshop. Ask CW to print them off.

TS will talk to IP and draft flier. Also email PS with his brief.

Workshop will run as drop in session from 11am – 4pm. Photographic competition presentation at 12.30pm. PS to present prize to winner.

Identify winning photograph by rosette. One prize, (only had suitable entries from over 16 years category) – Village book + £10 gift voucher.


Barbara Campbell