Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee (Virtual) Meeting: 15th May 2020

Draft Minutes


Present: Tim Sheppard Chair (TS), Jennie Jordan (JJ), Chris White (CW), Ian Poole (IP), Richard Furlonger (RF), Barbara Campbell (BC).



1. How to consult:

TS confirmed that the proposed consultation process appears to be in line with the (13 May 2020) amendment to the Government guidance given in the NPPF paragraph 107.


It was agreed that the consultation process would consist of: -

a. Delivering a copy of the draft Neighbourhood Plan; a Response Form and envelope to every household and business within the Parish boundary. Statutory bodies would be contacted via email.

b. Publicity on the Village website (TS), the Village Facebook page and the Little Waldingfield Nextdoor network (JJ), plus a signboard at The Street/Church Road junction (CW/RF).

c. A reminder flyer to be sent out in the final 2 weeks of the Consultation period.


2. Duration of Consultation:

It was agreed that the consultation period should be 7 weeks. This allows additional time for the Statutory Bodies and others to respond in consideration of the ongoing working restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.


3. Consultation Response Form final wording.

The final draft of the Consultation Response Form was discussed, and wording agreed with minor changes.

IP will forward the completed draft Neighbourhood Plan document and completed Response Form with explanatory front page to the Committee by 26th May.

IP will also draft a form of words to be used to publicise the consultation process on the Village website etc.

Meanwhile RF will liaise with the printers to produce approximately 200 copies each, of the draft NP, Response Form, and printed envelope.


4. Consultation Process

IP will provide the Parish Clerk with a list of Statutory Bodies and wording of an email to be sent to each.

When received, TS will arrange for copies of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and the consultation Response Form to be uploaded onto the Village website.

IP will then provide links to the online consultation Response Form and draft Neighbourhood Plan in the version of the consultation Response Form to be printed and delivered to consultees.

The consultation will run for 7 weeks from 5 June 2020, unless there are time issues with the foregoing process.


5. Address list for Consultees.

It was agreed to use the definitive address list from Parish online.

The distribution process was agreed, and CW will prepare distribution lists for each committee member.


6. Costs

The costs of the Consultation process were reviewed - the additional printing costs incurred will be offset by the savings from the cancelled drop-in event, and the overall Neighbourhood Plan costs remained within the grant budget.



7. Next meeting

The next meeting will take place after the Consultation period, once IP has correlated the responses received


LW NPSC  21 May 2020