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NP Meeting, 10 March 2018, Parish Rooms

Attendees: Tim Sheppard (TS); Ian Poole (IP), Barbara Campbell (BC), Jennie Jordan (JJ) and Richard Furlonger (RF).

Apologies: Chris White (CW).

1. NP Questionnaire

IP provided a written summary of the main points of the survey, he felt that this is an informative part of a NP process, but pointed out that peoples' perception can differ to fact in a consultation process. The response rate was 64% (other village response rates vary between 45 - 75 percent of residents).

Main observations are:

a.         Majority felt that current number of houses was "about right".

b.         Amount of new housing during life of plan should be up to 20 dwellings.

c.         Past housing growth numbers suggests an average of one dwelling per year (2036).

d.         Priority should be given to new 2/3 bed, starter homes and bungalows, in that order.

e.         Size of homes. Most needed in 2/3 bed range.

f.          Tenure. Privately owned most needed.

g.         Comments included: No more building in village especially the CA. Would spoil character, worsen traffic, insufficient services or facilities to support new housing.

h.         Comments on three SHELAA sites - various.

i.          Under 'Out and About' improved public transport and extension of village road footpaths.

j.          Under 'Environment' greater use of Parish Rooms and Church, as well as improve wildlife, protect landscape, character of village as well as quality farmland.

k.          Of the questions concerning importance of living in the village, all were rated highly. Preservation of amenities also featured highly, but to a lesser extent.

I.          A pub, shop, new village hall and recycling facilities were commonly requested.

m.        Concerns raised included: dog fouling, heavy traffic, traffic speed and litter/fly tipping featured most highly.

n.         Section on Census showed that the village is similar to other villages.

2. Resulting Discussion

A discussion took place as to how this information might transfer into policy. Possible policies include:

a.         Minimum space standard for housing.

b.         Affordable housing 'exception' sites.

c.         Protection of village assets i.e. the Pub and Conservation Area.

It was noted that Community Action Suffolk can advise on service provision, especially car sharing schemes and traffic calming measures.

3. Workshops/further discussions

The production of concept plans/site appraisals should be carried out on the three SHELAA sites. External consultants should carry out this work, potentially through the next iteration of the My Community grant system. IP distributed an example of a Site Assessment undertaken elsewhere.

A workshop will be organised to give as many parishioners a chance to take part as possible. The committee would first need to complete work on the Landscape Character Assessments and ideally the site appraisal work. The workshop would include housing development; highways/traffic and Character/Landscape. Date for workshop tba.

4. Landscape Character Appraisal

Work on the six designated character areas is nearly complete. A meeting to be held at 10.00am on 31st March for the NPSC to agree final draft to include a summary section. This information to be collated and Report drafted by Ian Poole.

In cooperation with Paul Sargeant, a village photographic competition will be put in place to catalogue architectural features as well as views and open spaces to be part of the LCA, subject to approval and permission, as appropriate. A draft document for the participants will be distributed by JJ with a view to sending out details soon. Chris White to be asked to coordinate a leaflet drop of competition details through our volunteers.

5. Funding

Our grant from My Community of £8,220 needs to be expended by 31st March 2018. PC to clear cheques before AGM. To date we have expended:-

Smart Survey   £540

Printed matter  £600 (approx.)

Places 4 People-phase 1         £4,122

Places 4 People- working party            £1,300

Total    £6,562

Grant   £8,220

Under expenditure       £1,658

JJ to contact My Community to see if we can extend phase one funding period beyond end of March, and to establish prospects of second round funding of £6,000.

6. Date of Next Meeting

A preliminary meeting for LCAs is to be held in Parish rooms on 31st March at 10.00am. A follow up meeting on 7th April at 10.00 with Ian Poole will complete the process.


Richard Furlonger

12 March 2018