Little Waldingfield History Society

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Who We Are?

Little Waldingfield History Society (LWHS) was founded in 2012, by four trustees interested in local history and historical events generally; three trustees continue in this role today.

The Society puts on about ten local history talks or other such events each year, on a deliberately wide variety of historical subjects we believe will be of interest to both members and non members alike. We also organise member outings to places of interest (e.g. museums, churches and other local places of interest), as well as occasional concerts as a combined social and fund raising effort specifically aimed at the whole village.

In 2014, with assistance from the heritage Lottery Fund, we published an updated history of the village - “Little Waldingfield: Our village history from 1840 to 2014” - all proceeds from which go the St Lawrence Church restoration fund.

Copies of this fine book (click link to see) are available for purchase from any trustee.

Lastly, the Society aims to foster and stimulate interest in local history, creating a medium whereby villagers can reconnect, both with their own past and with each other, and lively discussions follow each society presentation. The society blog also aims to foster such discussion, and anyone wishing to keep up to date with what we are doing only has to "follow the blog", after which they will receive an email each time a new blog post is created (only a couple a month) -

What Do We Do With Personal Information?

LWHS collects just the basic personal information of members, comprising: Name, Address, Phone number and Email address, for the following purposes alone:

  • Maintaining the LWHS membership list;
  • Ensuring correct receipt of payment at our events;
  • Sending event reminders to members via email;
  • Sending annual membership renewal reminders to members via email or post.

We do not share member personal data with any other person or organisation.

When email reminders are sent out, members are blind copied so that all member email addresses remain confidential and are not shared with other members or anyone else.

Membership records are maintained on the Secretary’s computer alone, access to which is password protected, and to which other trustees do not have access.

Membership lists are not downloaded onto removable memory of any description, and any external backup, if necessary, would be to the latest printed list.

Membership lists and the Society email contact list are updated as and when members advise, most usually at membership renewal time or when new members join. Prior years membership lists are retained, because we have found members may take many months to decide whether to renew, and by experience it is operationally convenient for us to be able to copy across member information from the last couple of years membership lists.

Membership lists older than three years are retained, for overall comparison purposes only, but addresses, phone numbers and email addresses have been removed therefrom.

The personal data of ex members who wish their personal data to be removed will be immediately so removed.

The society secretary acts as our Data Protection Officer, to whom any queries concerning personal data, or any personal data subject access requests should, in the first instance, be made.

In the event you are unhappy with the response to any such query or request, you are free to contact the chairman, who will personally ensure all necessary action is taken.

What is our Information Processing Flow Map?

As noted above, LWHS holds and processes just the following very basic personal data, as collected from our membership request form completed by yourself:

  • Name;
  • Address, incl post code;
  • Phone number; and
  • Email address (where applicable).

This data is input by the Secretary to his personal computer, either as a new record or to amend an existing record  - no other person is involved in this process and no other person has access to the LWHS electronic membership records.

Use of this information is as stated above, which is also maintained in the manner noted above. No profiling or any other data analysis is conducted, your data is not shared with any other person and will never be used for any marketing or other purpose whatsoever.

How does LWHS Gain and Record Consent?

We gain your consent (to record and process your personal data) from the LWHS membership joining / renewal from you completed. These forms are used to input data into our membership list by the Secretary and retained by the Treasurer, to assist with future ticket pricing. No further processing in performed on these ‘manual records’, which are retained simply in order of receipt, with no further sorting by name.

For the avoidance of doubt, completion by you of the membership joining application form constitutes your consent to LWHS processing your personal data in the manner described in this data protection policy statement.


Agreed by LWHS Trustees                                                                                                 April 2018