Oil Tank Security

Suffolk Constabulary

Suffolk Police are reminding residents to consider their oil tank security to avoid having valuable heating oil stolen after two thefts in the past few weeks.
In Great Waldingfield around 600ltrs of oil was stolen from a tank at an address in The Street. The theft occurred between 6pm Sunday 17th & 9am Monday 18th February 2013 and around 1700 ltrs of oil was stolen from a tank at a home in Sudbury Road, Bures between 9am Friday 1st & 10pm Thursday 21st February 2013.
The following advise is being given to remind people of a few simple steps that can help to make your tank and fuel more difficult for thieves to target: 

  • Screen your tank with fencing or hedges
  • Close and secure any gates leading to the tank
  • Conceal or cover any external pipes and fuel lines
  • Install dusk to dawn security lighting. CCTV is also a good deterrent
  • Install lockable caps supported by a closed shackle padlock
  • Consider installing a tank alarm
  • Join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

It should be noted that some oil storage containers are plastic and some are metal, so any security measures which directly affect the tank or pipe work should always be installed in consultation with the tank supplier. 

Regularly check the level of your fuel tanks. During cold weather your consumption of oil may be higher than you think, which could lead you to think that someone has been draining your tank.

Keep an eye on neighbourhood properties. Large quantities of oil are often stolen, which means the thieves will need sizable containers to collect oil in and a van or larger vehicle to take it away. If you see any suspicious person or vehicle in your road or a neighbour’s driveway, contact the police immediately by dialling 999.


Further information on oil tank security can be found on our website www.suffolk.police.uk or by calling your local Crime Reduction Officer on 101, or

Please use the following link to pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident:       http://www.suffolk.police.uk/safetyadvice/reportacrime/tellthepolice.aspx