Suffolk on board - Connecting Communities

Suffolk County Council have just revamped their community transport system which seeks to help people without access to regular public transport, such as residents of villages with no or limited bus services. This is an alternative bus service rather than a taxis service, so would not be available within two hours of a scheduled bus service.

To find out what is available in our area please take a look at the Suffilkonboard website HERE.

Alternatively you can speak to a very help operator on 01473 826242 (Connecting Communities Babergh), either for more information or to book your first journey.

Journeys may be booked up to a week in advance, and as the service operates on a first come first served basis, the sooner the better. Minbuses operate for six days a week, excludng bank holidays, whilst service hours are 07.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

For people with a bus pass, there is no charge after 09.30, whilst for others, a standard charge based on mileage is applied. I was quoted the following very reasonable rates:

Three mile journey: £1.70 single £2.80 return.

Five mile journey: £2.10 single £3.40 return.

Ten mile journey: £3.10 single £5.00 return.

Minibuses may also be booked for parties of up to eleven (relatively able bodied) people to go out for some shopping or lunch, for example, but booking one week ahead is essential; again, if everyone has a bus pass, there is no charge. Larger parties of up to sixteen people can be accommodated by volunteer drivers on a private hire basis, at a cost of £1.40 per mile, which again is very reasonable.

I think this initiative is a good one and commend it to readers. Please also provide feedback for other potential users by emailing the webmaster Here.


Connecting Communities - Babergh