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Martin Render of Community Heartbeat Trust gave an excellent presentation to a full Parish Room, alternately shocking us with grim facts and then delighting us with hopeful statistics. His demonstration of the use of a defibrillator was incredibly useful and helpful, and he literally then let the machine do the talking.

Yes, our machine actually speaks to the operator (and any bystanders) when it is switched on, talking one through the process and not taking action until it has confirmed all is in place - it even shows a video of where and how to place the electrical pads, which both analyse heart rhythm and then 'shock the patient' if it calculates this is the best thing to do.

The audience, including myself, were mightily impressed - we hope the machine never has to be used, but knowing that it is there and really so incredibly easy to use is a huge confidence boost - just remember to always dial 999 first.

Village Burglary - Police Message

The following is a Police Connect message.
Police are advising the public to review the security of their properties after a series of shed burglaries in areas of Babergh District over the past 10 days. Burglaries have been reported in and around Acton, Sudbury, Little Waldingfield, and Newton Green over this period.
The risk of becoming a victim can be significantly reduced by following some basic advice - property owners are advised to consider the following:

  • Avoid storing valuable such as high value power tools or golf clubs in your shed. These should be kept in the house or in a locked garage. 
  • Remember to lock your shed or garage after use. 
  • Secure shed doors by fitting a strong hasp and staple (also called a ‘padbar’). Secure this with coach bolts and lock the hasp over the staple with a closed shackle padlock. 
  • Secure shed door hinges with coach bolts or non-returnable screws.
  • Further protect your shed with a ‘shed bar’. This and other approved security products will improve the security of your shed or garage and can be found at or
  • Replace any rotten door or window frames.  
  • Replace broken glass panes or use perspex or polycarbonate as a more secure alternative for shed and garage windows. 
  • Use a window lock along with a strong grille or wire mesh.
  • Use curtains or netting so people cannot see inside.
  • Screw windows shut if you do not use them. 
  • Fit a good quality battery operated alarm to your outbuilding. 
  • Up-and-over garage doors can be secured by putting padlocks through the inside runners or fitting padlocks with a hasp and staple on either side of the door. 
  • Fit British Standard approved locks to all your external garage doors including integral doors which access your house. 
  • If you have a household alarm fitted, consider extending the system to cover your garage. 
  • Chain items such as bicycles, ladders and lawnmowers to a strong anchor point or to each other and use a closed shackle padlock. 
  • Property mark items such as drills and lawnmowers - items can be postcoded by etching, painting, stencilling, etc. 
  • Register your property at this is a free web based property registration service supported by Norfolk & Suffolk Police. 
  • Make sure your household insurance covers your shed or garage.
If you witness any suspicious activity, or if you have information that may assist police with their inquiries, please call 101.
Always call 999 in an emergency, or if you believe a crime is in progress.
The Police have been asked to come along to a village meeting, in the Parish Room at 10.00 on Saturday 23rd September, to:
  • Present their assessment of the series of burglaries: what happened and what they are doing about it;
  • Provide advice on security to residents; and
  • Answer questions from those present.

The meeting will be confirmed in due course, but please make a note in your diary. Assuming the meeting goes ahead (as we are confident it will), it will be good to have as many people attend as possible, including particularly those affected (in any way) by the burglaries / attempted burglaries, along with other worried or interested residents - it will be a good chance to have your say and possibly influence Police priorities.

History Lovers Present Concert & Book Sale Proceeds to Church

Following the huge success of the recent Bury Male Voice Choir concert in St Lawrence, along with the proceeds from continuing sales of our recently published updated history of Little Waldingfield, LWHS trustees yesterday presented a cheque for £1,915.25 to Reverend Judith Sweetman at the beautiful carol service.

Trustees would like to thank:

  • LWHS members for their continuing support;
  • Villagers and others for coming to our concert and for buying copies of the book (just £18.00, every penny of which goes to the church fabric fund – will make a superb Christmas present); and
  • John Sparkes, whose idea the concert was and who also sponsored the event.
Copies of ‘Little Waldingfield Suffolk, Our Village History From 1840 to 2014’ are priced at £18.00 for 352 sumptuous pages with over 500 glorious colour photos, and may be purchased from the following:
  • Andy and Sue Sheppard, School House, Church Road, LW on 01787 247980 or
  • Di Langford, Pitt Cottage, The Street, LW on 01787 248298

Merry Christmas to all

Dog Fouling

As many of you will have seen, new play equipment has been installed in the children’s area. Sadly however, dog fouling has become an issue on the field which we are determined to stop. This is a polite notice to all dog walkers to pick up their dog’s mess and not to leave it where other walkers or, worse still, children could walk in it. We all know that it is smelly and unsightly, but it also carries diseases that may cause substantial harm to children.
We are asking dog walkers to take care with their own dogs and also to challenge or to report non complying owners to any member of the Playingfield Committee, who will then consider what action to take. Committee members will now carefully monitor the situation, and if it does not significantly improve, will have no choice but to ban all dogs from the playingfield. We don’t wish to do this, but sadly may have no choice, so its up to everyone using the playingfield, for whatever reason, to be vigilant regarding this horrible business.
Playingfield Committee

23rd November 2016

Police Crime Map

A new section has now been added to this website under the Notices Tab to provide a link to the above, now that local police 'Safer Neighbourhood Team' newsletters no longer provide local crime data. The history behind this decision is also noted under this tab and another link to the new police crime map is attached here.

Two New Dog Waste Bins

Your council recently purchased two new bins in a continuing effort to reduce this modern day scurge by providing absolutely no excuse for dog walkers not picking up and properly disposing of this execrable material Councillors installed the bins at the ends of two of the village centre footpaths - see map below - and it is hoped they do the trick.

Our Two New Dog Waste Bin Locations


Opposite Wood Hall

Next to The Priory

August 2016

New Playing Field Swings

The new swings are now open for business, and very nice they look too. A new climbing frame should be ready by the end of October followed by a new roundabout by Christmas - who says there's no such thing as Santa Claus.

New Swings - One

New Swings - Two

Amazing Generosity at our "Tea Fit for a Queen" Event

On 4th June, a collaboration of village organisations, coordinated by trustees of The Parish Room, hosted a cream tea to celebrate our Queen's 90th birthday, and what a great day it was too. The event was free to villagers and their families, and trustees put out a donations box for people to give to local charities; at the end of the day, we were astonished to find a total of £98.90 in the basket. After a short deliberation, trustees decided that EACH should benefit, given the brilliant work they do supporting families and caring for children with life threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. Trustees would like to thank everyone who helped support the cream tea with donations of cakes, scones, jam and cream, as well as their time, and everyone who so generously made a donation on the day - a perfect end to a perfect day we think.

EACH thankyou letter


Tea Fit For A Queen Invitation

Obituary: Olive (Coodie) Sparkes

Sadly Coodie Sparkes passed away on the morning of Monday 4th July after a long and eventful life.

Less well known since her move to just outside the village, Coodie was very well known before then, as she ran the White Horse public house during the Second World War with her husband Frank. The White Horse also is no more, having closed in 1977, but during the war it was a favourite haunt of many US airman based locally at the Chilton and Lavenham airfields. A number became lasting friends with the Sparkes, proving that some good things do happen during dreadful times. On Remembrance Sunday in November 2013, a wreath was laid for the first time at the Little Waldingfield war memorial to the men of the USAAF 486th Bombardment Group who were killed during the war - that wreath was laid by Coodie Sparkes.

Our thoughts are with her son John at this difficult time.

Andy Sheppard                         13th July 2016

Coodie with US airmen and husband Frank outside the White Horse Pub in 1944


Coodie with Jill Duffy at the 2013 Remembrance Sunday service

Village Litterpick

On Saturday 19th March, a merry band of willing volunteers turned up for our annual village litterpick, on what turned out to be a good day for it. Happily there were 17 people, including all of our parish councillors, a district councillor (Margaret Maybury) and many villagers who variously: put out road safety signs, picked litter, collected full rubbish bags, washed and cleaned village road-signs and prepared welcome refreshments for all who participated - a true team effort.

We were expecting to find less litter than previous years, which perhaps was the case, though in addition to the seemingly obligatory cans, bottles, chocolate bar wrappers, crisp and sandwich packets etc, we also collected the following:

If only passing drivers were more considerate, life for everyone else would be so much nicer and the local wildlife would significantly benefit.

Andy Sheppard       21st March 2016


Volunteers gather

Ready to go

The fruits of our labour

Welcome refreshments aftewards

French Drain Finished

Yesterday ten brave souls turned up one final time to complete the work on the much needed Frence Drain around St Lawrence Church, digging the last two soakaways and moving the final eight tons of large gravel, and very nice it looks too. In total over the five Saturdays, 28 tons of gravel have been used, taking the place of soil and rubble, meaning of course that more than 50 tons of material have been moved, mostly by hand, kept fortified by the very welcome and copious amounts ot tea / coffee and bacon / sausage rolls, much needed on bitterly cold and damp days in February / March. Hopefully the church can now begin its long process of gradually drying out, though internal plaster will also have to be removed to ensure this process can fully occur.

Andy Sheppard       6th March 2016

French Drain Update

On Saturday, about half the previous weeks crew, being gluttons for punishment, turned up once more to continue the good work on the new St Lawrence Church French Drain. We again made good use of the two machines kindly lent to us by Charlie Miller, along with Matt Foster's tipper lorry to remove the spoil. Another five tons or so was removed, on top of the six tons last week, with four tons of gravel replaced, so the digging out is now virtually complete. Once the estimated four tons of gravel still required has been acquired and put in place, the French Drain will be finished.

It was particularly hard going in the afternoon, with just the Fab Four in harness, so Nancy and Felicity's tea / coffee and bacon rolls / biscuits were most welcome and very much needed; we also had to make use of both of Charlie's excellent machines round the back of the church given the very limited availability of manpower, wheelbarrows and spades.

Once again, a small selction of photos taken on the day is shown below.

Andy Sheppard       1st February 2016


Loading Matt's tipper truck


We found the mains electric cable


Loading gravel into the tipper barrow


Taking the larger digger round the back of the church


Not your usual sight on the footpath thrugh the churchyard

Taking soil to spread on the verge by the footpath fence

Digging out the trench to the rear of the church - not a lot of room to spare

Loading the larger digger

Operation French Drain

Saturday 23rd January saw  the next stage in the ongoing project to address the issue with damp in the walls of our much loved church. Fifteen hardworking villagers joined a working party to dig out up to 4 tonnes of spoil from around the base of the south aisle, tower and south & east side of the chancel. Replacing the removed earth with an equal weight of shingle to create a French Drain. Copious amounts of coffee together with bacon sandwiches and snacks were provided keeping the workers spirits raised throughout the day.  This exercise will improve the run off and general drainage of rainwater away from the church and help to dry out the walls. Our longer term objective remains to address the issue of damp and damaged wall plaster within the interior of the church.  Watch this space for more updates as the project continues.

Peter Simpson

Below is a selection of photos taken on the day.