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The Swan - Latest News

The following is a statement from the new owner Justin Grainger:

Pending firm plans, I can report that:

  • WKP Architects of Hadleigh have been appointed;
  • The Topographical survey is complete;
  • WKP will now start their ideas and drawing;
  • A public meeting will be held to show the proposals once prepared;
  • Plans will be submitted to the parish, planning authority and listed buildings;
  • In the meantime, I have agreed a tidy up of The Swan, which will be undertaken late Oct/early November, to make it secure and more aesthetically pleasing for the winter.

October 18th 2017

Village Meeting to Discuss BDC Joint Local Plan

Forty plus residents attended a council presentation today on the draft joint local plan, in order to gain a better understanding of the issues potentially facing Little Waldingfield; hopefully they were not disappointed, whilst councillors now also have a better understanding of resident's concerns.

As promised, the presentation may be viewed HERE, with links to the Draft Joint Local Plan highlighted on the penultimate page; n annotated map of the potential LW devlopment sites is also  shown below.

The very strong recommendation, for residents with any concerns about any issues raised in the Joint Local Plan, is to:

  1. Attend the Babergh drop-in session in Sudbury Town Hall, from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 12th October; and
  2. Comment on the issues of concern, either through the on-line consultation process (see links in the above presentation), or obtain paper comment forms from Babergh for submission by post. Please remember the last date for submission of comments is 5.00 p.m. on Friday 10th November, so aim for your comments to arrive at Babergh DC by Thursday 9th  ovember or earlier to be on the safe side.

As the life of the plan extends out to 2036, this will affect Little Waldingfield for the next 20 years, and it is your last opportunity to have your say.

October 7th 2017

Annotated LW map showing 3 areas identified for development





Village Burglary - Update

Laura Mansell, a PCSO from the Sudbury Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) kindly talked to a gathering or more than 30 residents last Saturday, giving copious advice on security and what to do in the event of an incident. She also provided the following information:

If anyone wishes to report anything it’s 101 or via the online reporting tool on our website

Reporting should only be done via these two methods or 999 if it is an emergency.

If anyone wants advice or a chat they can contact the SNT on

 She also mentioned an official police security initiative website that provides practical information on securing property: please click HERE

The question of a lack of police presence was mentioned many times by residents, which apparently arises directly from budget cuts which have lead to reducing the hours of PCSOs, who used to work nights but now cannot work past 6.00 p.m.

Both residents and Laura were unhappy with this situation; she is no longer doing the jog she was recruited for and enjoyed - that of dealing directly with the public to provide advice etc - whilst there are also NO RURAL POLICE PATROLS anymore.

All present agreed this was a highly unfortunate outcome of the budget cuts, whilst the only advice the Police can give to us is for individuals to write to the following, describing the fear the lack of police presence is causing, the inability to get through on the 101 number, and asking for an increase in police funding specifically to increase coverage of rural areas, including permitting PCSOs to work well beyond 6.00 p.m.

  1. Our MP James Cartlidge. To contact James click HERE
  2. Suffolk's Chief Constable Gareth Wilson. To contact Gareth click HERE
  3. Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore. To contact Tim click HERE

25th September 2017


      Village Burglary - Police Message

      The following is a Police Connect message.
      Police are advising the public to review the security of their properties after a series of shed burglaries in areas of Babergh District over the past 10 days. Burglaries have been reported in and around Acton, Sudbury, Little Waldingfield, and Newton Green over this period.
      The risk of becoming a victim can be significantly reduced by following some basic advice - property owners are advised to consider the following:

      • Avoid storing valuable such as high value power tools or golf clubs in your shed. These should be kept in the house or in a locked garage. 
      • Remember to lock your shed or garage after use. 
      • Secure shed doors by fitting a strong hasp and staple (also called a ‘padbar’). Secure this with coach bolts and lock the hasp over the staple with a closed shackle padlock. 
      • Secure shed door hinges with coach bolts or non-returnable screws.
      • Further protect your shed with a ‘shed bar’. This and other approved security products will improve the security of your shed or garage and can be found at or
      • Replace any rotten door or window frames.  
      • Replace broken glass panes or use perspex or polycarbonate as a more secure alternative for shed and garage windows. 
      • Use a window lock along with a strong grille or wire mesh.
      • Use curtains or netting so people cannot see inside.
      • Screw windows shut if you do not use them. 
      • Fit a good quality battery operated alarm to your outbuilding. 
      • Up-and-over garage doors can be secured by putting padlocks through the inside runners or fitting padlocks with a hasp and staple on either side of the door. 
      • Fit British Standard approved locks to all your external garage doors including integral doors which access your house. 
      • If you have a household alarm fitted, consider extending the system to cover your garage. 
      • Chain items such as bicycles, ladders and lawnmowers to a strong anchor point or to each other and use a closed shackle padlock. 
      • Property mark items such as drills and lawnmowers - items can be postcoded by etching, painting, stencilling, etc. 
      • Register your property at this is a free web based property registration service supported by Norfolk & Suffolk Police. 
      • Make sure your household insurance covers your shed or garage.
      If you witness any suspicious activity, or if you have information that may assist police with their inquiries, please call 101.
      Always call 999 in an emergency, or if you believe a crime is in progress.
      The Police have been asked to come along to a village meeting, in the Parish Room at 10.00 on Saturday 23rd September, to:
      • Present their assessment of the series of burglaries: what happened and what they are doing about it;
      • Provide advice on security to residents; and
      • Answer questions from those present.

      The meeting will be confirmed in due course, but please make a note in your diary. Assuming the meeting goes ahead (as we are confident it will), it will be good to have as many people attend as possible, including particularly those affected (in any way) by the burglaries / attempted burglaries, along with other worried or interested residents - it will be a good chance to have your say and possibly influence Police priorities.

      The Swan - Latest News

      The following is a statement from the new owner Justin Grainger:

      • My intention remains firmly focused on creating a viable pub that the village can be proud of for many years to come.
      • Over the last weeks I have been speaking with a number of architects about the renovation and refurbishment.
      • I am about to make the formal appointment of my preferred firm.
      • Thereafter, they will draw up plans for the formal planning and listed building process.
      • We plan to include a public meeting at the pub to present our plans.

      Village Sale Trail Update

      By common consent of buyers and sellers, the event was a great success and Parish Room Trustees have agreed to hold it again next year, hopefully even bigger and better.


      Martin Render of Community Heartbeat Trust gave an excellent presentation to a full Parish Room, alternately shocking us with grim facts and then delighting us with hopeful statistics. His demonstraton of the use of a defibrillator was incredibly useful and helpful, and he literally then let the machine do the talking.

      Yes, our machine actually speaks to the operator (and any bystanders) when it is switched on, talking one through the process and not taking action until it has confirmed all is in place - it even shows a video of where and how to place the electrical pads, which both analyse heart rhythm and then 'shock the patient' if it calculates this is the best thing to do.

      The audience, including myself, were mightily impressed - we hope the machine never has to be used, but knowing that it is there and really so incredibly easy to use is a huge confidence boost - just remember to always dial 999 first.

      Village Defibrillator

      Your council is delighted to advise that the community defibrillator (technically an Automated External Defibrillator or AED) has now been cleared for public use by the ambulance service - something that took us a bit by surprise by its suddeness - we had been anticipating a longer period before this occurred.

      We are arranging public training / awareness sessions through Community Heartbeat Trust, who supplied the unit; we will advise once this has been finalised, and with this in mind, please advise the council of your interest and contact details by clicking HERE.

      Hopefully our AED will not have to be used, but should there be an incident where someone collapses and appears to be in serious difficulty, PLEASE DIAL 999 and ask for the ambulance service. They will ask about the condition of the patient and further advise if defibrillation may be necessary (whilst also despatching an ambulance). The access code for the device will then be released (it is kept locked as a security mechanism) and there are simple instructions with the device THOUGH YOU WILL BE TALKED THROUGH THE DEFIBRILLATION PROCESS by the ambulance service operator. Defibrillation is completely safe both to you and the patient, and being fully automated, it is impossible to incorrectly shock a patient - the device simply will not work if it is not set up correctly.

      The AED is attached to the porch wall of the Parish Room in Church Road  - easily spotted by it being bright yellow with a luminous green light showing there is power to the unit (to ensure it keeps at a correct operating temperature); there is also a motion activated light above to ensure visibiluty when accessing the unit in the dark. There are also a number of defibrillator location signs around the village (telephone box, council noticeboard, in the pub) and more will be set up over the coming days and weeks.

      Finally, if you have medical training or would like to be considered as someone who could use the AED at any time, if required, please be sure to contact us, as above, so that a list of willing volunteers can be established and maintained.

      26th February 2017

      Neighbourhood Planning

      Councillors have reviewed outcomes of their recent meetings with Bill Newman (Babergh District Council) and Carroll Reeve (Lavenham Parish Council chairman), held to better understand the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan (NP).

      Details of council resolutions from the above are noted under Parish Council, Community Led Planning - click Here

      We have a list of voluneers willing to help with this most important and exciting project, which should be of great benefit to Little Waldngfield, but more are always welcome; if you are interested, please contact any parish councillor or the webmaster - click Here.

      History Lovers Present Concert & Book Sale Proceeds to Church

      Following the huge success of the recent Bury Male Voice Choir concert in St Lawrence, along with the proceeds from continuing sales of our recently published updated history of Little Waldingfield, LWHS trustees yesterday presented a cheque for £1,915.25 to Reverend Judith Sweetman at the beautiful carol service.

      Trustees would like to thank:

      • LWHS members for their continuing support;
      • Villagers and others for coming to our concert and for buying copies of the book (just £18.00, every penny of which goes to the church fabric fund – will make a superb Christmas present); and
      • John Sparkes, whose idea the concert was and who also sponsored the event.
      Copies of ‘Little Waldingfield Suffolk, Our Village History From 1840 to 2014’ are priced at £18.00 for 352 sumptuous pages with over 500 glorious colour photos, and may be purchased from the following:
      • Andy and Sue Sheppard, School House, Church Road, LW on 01787 247980 or
      • Di Langford, Pitt Cottage, The Street, LW on 01787 248298

      Merry Christmas to all

      Dog Fouling

      As many of you will have seen, new play equipment has been installed in the children’s area. Sadly however, dog fouling has become an issue on the field which we are determined to stop. This is a polite notice to all dog walkers to pick up their dog’s mess and not to leave it where other walkers or, worse still, children could walk in it. We all know that it is smelly and unsightly, but it also carries diseases that may cause substantial harm to children.
      We are asking dog walkers to take care with their own dogs and also to challenge or to report non complying owners to any member of the Playingfield Committee, who will then consider what action to take. Committee members will now carefully monitor the situation, and if it does not significantly improve, will have no choice but to ban all dogs from the playingfield. We don’t wish to do this, but sadly may have no choice, so its up to everyone using the playingfield, for whatever reason, to be vigilant regarding this horrible business.
      Playingfield Committee
      23rd November 2016

      Police Crime Map

      A new section has now been added to this website under the Notices Tab to provide a link to the above, now that local police 'Safer Neighbourhood Team' newsletters no longer provide local crime data. The history behind this decision is also noted under this tab and another link to the new police crime map is attached here.

      Two New Dog Waste Bins

      Your council recently purchased two new bins in a continuing effort to reduce this modern day scurge by providing absolutely no excuse for dog walkers not picking up and properly disposing of this execrable material Councillors installed the bins at the ends of two of the village centre footpaths - see map below - and it is hoped they do the trick.

      Our Two New Dog Waste Bin Locations


      Opposite Wood Hall

      Next to The Priory

      August 2016







  2. Village Burglary - Meet The Police

    Please come along to hear a 20 - 30 minute presentation by PCSO Laura Mansell, from the Sudbury Safer Neighbourhood Team, on the recent wicked events in our village and surrounding villages, on Saturday 23rd September, at 10.30 AM in the Parish Room, Church Road.

    Eight LW properties were affected on the night, either burgled, attempted burglary or property vandalism - three cars were entered with one potentially very significantly damaged.

By Andy Sheppard on October 7th, 2017