Minutes of Little Waldingfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Meeting held on

9th July 2018 at Walnut Lodge.


Attendees: - Tim Sheppard (TS) - Chair; Barbara Campbell (BC); Chris White (CW); Richard Furlonger (RF); by phone Ian Poole (IP) - Consultant.

Apologies: - Jennie Jordan (JJ).

1. Funding

TS confirmed the recent Government Funding Application had been successful and a grant of £8012 awarded. He also confirmed that LWNP was eligible for direct technical support from AECOM - the Government’s retained Consultants - for both Site Assessments and a Housing Needs Assessment.

Many thanks go to JJ for all her help in securing the extra funding and technical support.

2. Landscape Character Assessment (LCA)

IP confirmed all the results of the Village LCA were being combined with available countywide data and the final draft document was being compiled. A proof copy would be sent to the Committee by 19th July.

3. Technical Support

TS advised that a Site Assessment Report had been commissioned from AECOM to assess the planning merits of the 3 sites identified in Babergh’s Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) 2017. A Landscape Character Appraisal of each site would be included in the report.

TS also confirmed that AECOM would carry out a Parish Housing Needs Assessment (HNA).

The standard Terms of Reference for HNA’s were discussed and amended to best suit the particulars of the Parish.

It was agreed the date of the next meeting would be arranged after the summer break and the Meeting concluded at 7:15pm.


Chris White.