Little Waldingfield Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

Steering Commitee (SC) Meeting

Malting Farm

8th September 2018

Present: Tim Sheppard, Chair (TS), Barbara Campbell (BC), Jennie Jordan (JJ), Chris White (CW), Ian Poole (IP) & Richard Furlonger (RF)

Landscape Character Assessment

IP to finalise the footpath assessment, evaluate views to and from the village with special reference to the views looking down from Archers Farm and the Lavenham Road. Green spaces have been evaluated and other than the Playing Fields which may best be served with a ‘playing field’ designation under the NP, it seems there may be no further spaces, which merit a ‘green space’ designation.

Housing Need Assessment

AECOM have put the assessment commissioned by the Steering Group on hold pending the publication of the next round of Office of National Statistics population projections. The new version of the National Planning Policy Framework provides guidance to local authorities in relation to the assessment of housing need as part of Neighbourhood Plans of housing preparation.

Site Assessment Report

AECOM are in the process of completing its site assessment report. It has been prepared on the basis that LW is a hinterland village because the NP will be examined against the Babergh Core Strategy, which designates LW as a hinterland village. It is noted that following representations made to Babergh, LW may be re-designated as a hamlet in the emerging local plan, which would have an impact on the level of likely housing need. This point will be communicated to AECOM in advance of the completion of the report. The prospect of advancing the NP on the basis that it should be designated as a hamlet was discussed.

The outcome of the site assessment report and the question of whether likely housing need would necessitate a housing site allocation, will be discussed as part of the next stage of consultation with Parishioners (see below).

IP already has a meeting with Babergh officers on 26th September 2018, at which the question of the status of LW will be raised.

Discussion took place in relation to an exception site affordable housing policy, which may be proposed as part of the NP.

Future Consultation

A further consultation in the form of a morning and an afternoon presentation in relation to housing and in particular, whether or not to designate a site for housing within the Parish. It is proposed that this will take place on 17 November 2018, at the Parish Rooms and it will be open for all Parishioners and other interested parties. It is hoped to circulate notice of the consultation on, or around 17th October 2018.  Preparation for the consultation will be addressed at the next SG meeting.

Next meeting will be at 10.00 on 6th October at BC’s house.

Richard Furlonger