Draft/Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee (Virtual) Meeting: 25 June 2020

Draft Minutes


Present: Tim Sheppard Chair (TS), Jennie Jordan (JJ), Chris White (CW), Ian Poole (IP), Barbara Campbell (BC).


Some completed consultation forms have been received online.


To address any outstanding queries about the draft Neighbourhood Plan (‘NP’) and the consultation process, and in light of the relaxing of some of the social distancing rules, it was agreed to hold a further drop-in session. This will take place outside by the Playing Field Pavilion between 6pm and 8pm on 8 July 2020. An executive summary of the NP policies and process will also be distributed with the notice of meeting, which will be delivered together to every household as a leaflet.


IP is to prepare the Executive Summary document. This, along with the covering page, will be provided to CW by 3 July 2020 for printing. The leaflet will be distributed to Parishioners by members of the SC on 4 July 2020, each member covering the same addresses as they did when the draft NP was distributed.


5pm – 6pm.