NP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes: 10 April 2019

Present: Tim Sheppard (‘TS’; Chair); Chris White (‘CW’) and Richard Furlonger (‘RF’).

Apologies: Ian Poole (Consultant; ‘IP’); Jennie Jordan (‘JJ’); Barbara Campbell (‘BC’).


TS and IP met with planners at Babergh and Mid-Suffolk DC, on 2 April 2019. It was indicated that the draft Local Plan will be published for consultation on 25 June 2019 and it is likely that a transport corridor/market town hybrid model of growth will be pursued. Provision for 14 new housing units over the Neighbourhood Plan (‘NP’) period, is likely to be an acceptable amount for the Parish. An allocation at either of the remaining potential sites, would assist in the meeting this number.

TS had a meeting with Dunbar Melville Associates, Urban Designers, on 10 April 2019 to discuss the commission of illustrative plans for possible developments at the sites, in order to properly gauge and consult on how a small allocation might look. The cost would be circa £5,000, which is beyond the budget of the Steering Committee (‘SC’). Accordingly, the SC will pursue the matter with Aecom, which has undertaken the other reports commissioned so far for use in the preparation of the NP.

TS confirmed that the Design Code commissioned by the SC is about to be published (at the time of writing, the Code had been published and circulated to members of the SC).

The preparation for the Workshop to be held on 4 May 2019, is to follow that approach set out in the October 2018 minutes, namely:

The workshop leaflet delivery is to be covered by the SC. Will advertise on website, telephone box, Parish Room window, notice at crossroads and on telephone posts and on Neighbourhood Forum. 

Will have 2 sessions – 1 hour presentation in morning from 11am and 1 in the afternoon, from 2pm. Borrow boards from IP. Request IP attends, with back up from committee-TS to take the lead as necessary. Agenda to be provided on leaflet to be given out as people arrive. Attendees to look round display boards for 20-30 minutes and committee available for questions. To be followed by a presentation and question and answer session.

Feedback given at time and up to 2 weeks later – feedback sheet on back of leaflet.

Boards and presentation to be uploaded to website. Feedback sheet collection point in telephone box or post to CW.

IP to analyse completed consultation forms.

Invitation/announcement of meeting to go out on 23 April 2019.

CW and RF to liaise and prepare the advert/leaflet for the Workshop on 4 May 2019 and the separate agenda/feedback leaflet, for use at the Workshop and to consult with other members of SC before it is finalised.

The Parish Room Committee have the SC is to receive credit for half of payment for use of Parish Rooms on day of Workshop.


Tim Sheppard.