Little Waldingfield History Society

Date: 18 October 2017
Time: 19:30
- 21:00
Location: Parish Room, Church Road, LW, CO10 0SQ

The Miser and the Murderess - A talk by Martin Hedges

A motiveless poisoning by a 17 year-old Acton servant girl just 3 weeks married to her childhood sweetheart. A missing signature on his will then lead to a 120 year-long family dispute which Dickens recreated in Bleak House as "Jarndyce vs Jarndyce". William Jennens (1701–1798), also known as William the Miser, William the Rich and The Miser of Acton, was a reclusive financier who lived at Scton Placein the village of Acton. Described as the "richest commoner in England" when he died unmarried and intestate, with a fortune estimated at £2 million (in excess of £230 million in 2015 prices) which became the subject of legal wrangles in the Court of Chancery for well over a century until the entire estate had been swallowed by lawyers' fees. This is going to be a tremendous tale of greed, stubbordness, stupidity and downright cussedness which I know I am going to simply adore. Come along to hear the full story in all its gory details.

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